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Cut waste costs, turn units faster, and decrease staff liability

Rego wants to help you make more money, save staff liability, increase your unit turnover efficiency, and boost your sustainability reporting. 

No hassle, code, or heavy lifting required.

Waste diversion and data collection on autopilot


Turn units faster with integrated junk removal


Better allocate your staff. They shouldn't get stuck moving furniture or junk left behind by tenants


Connect your waste data across your portfolio with one click to make data driven decisions and generate real time reports

Divert things from landfills and report it easily

Accelerate your sustainability goals to the next level with waste diversion services for your property!


Furniture & "junk" removal

Rego has already redirected over 150,000 pounds of furniture to local non-profit organizations instead of landfills. We take care of the heavy lifting, communication with tenants and haulers, and of course - tracking the data.



Want to boost tenant, staff, or public excitement? Waste diversion events, donation drives, and communications may be exactly what you need!



One-click upload of waste ticket invoices and other sustainability data across your portfolio of buildings. 

Set it up once and you're good to go, no code or hassle needed.


24/7 support

Although we're techies at heart, we believe that you deserve to talk to real Rego team members when you need help. No annoying chatbots or long wait times. Our reviews speak for themselves: 

How it works for your residents or staff

Rego provides residents in apartment buildings with hassle-free, affordable, & sustainable removal solutions for furniture, clothing, junk and more! (no app needed!)


Tenants + staff can place orders using a simple photo system


Your staff can see which tenants are booking and when to help streamline turns


Rego provides white-glove removal inside from anywhere in or around your building

Hassle free,
sustainable pick-up!

We get it, residents are moving on a time crunch and need stuff out asap (more like yesterday). Or maybe heavy furniture was left behind for your staff to move as a surprise workout.

No more calling around to different junk vendors, trying to connect with non-profits on a time crunch, or sneaking couches to the dumpster when no one is looking.

All your residents, or staff, need to do is snap a photo, then sit back and relax. Rego will take care of all the hard work with white-glove removal.


Support local 

It's as easy as it sounds!

Rego picks up (almost) anything, then sorts through and re-directs items to local non-profit organizations in need. 

Rego coordinates the pick-up, drop-off, and communication. In many cases, we may be able to help with a donation receipt!

Merge building data


Book services confidently

Your portfolio data, all in one place

How do you know when a building is achieving waste diversion goals? How do you know which sustainable service to hire at which location? Sustainability and ESG is still a bit of the Wild West, but Rego is the new sheriff in town that helps you establish control. Rego automates tasks like waste ticket/invoicing tracking, so you can make easy sustainability decisions.

Build show-off worthy reports!

Rego automatically sends you waste diversion reports that you can easily share and show off to tenants, ESG teams, stakeholders, and more!

Visually appealing and easy to understand

Easily share and download reports

Marketing for customers 

and social media

Media coverage of Rego!


What Our Clients Say

"I contacted Rego last minute and was supoprted for my urgent needs. They seriously moved mountains to meet my sudden deadline."

Michelle W.

google review

"From the first call, I received friendly customer service. When the crew picked up my furniture, they were on time! They did it quickly and were very polite. I would definitely use them again!"

Mel B.

google review

"Very responsive and helpful throughout the process of arranging the furniture pick-up. My furniture was taken promptly at the time we scheduled and the crew was fantastic. Highly recommend!"

Hanna M.

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You made it this far, what are you waiting for?!

Join the other 10,000+ units already loving Rego! They've helped us redirect over 120,000 pounds of furniture to local non-profits instead of landfills! 

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