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Introducing waste vision

Zero waste from the future

Use waste vision to perform waste audits, track multiple waste streams across multiple properties, and to divert things from landfills

AI powered photos for waste audits

Data at the snap of a photo: Rego's waste vision tool digs through your trash so that you don't have to

Here's how you use vision

  1. Spread the trash you'd like to audit on a tarp or surface of your choosing

  2. Snap some photos

  3. Get your data uploaded to your forms and dashboard!

Here's what vision tells you

  1. Our tool will analyze and estimate the characterization your waste

  2. It will then provide you with estimated weight(s)

  3. Your data can integrate into audit forms and dashboards (so you don't need to manually input data)

Why is this important?

Waste audits are...


Currently teams need to manually sort through trash.


Trash bags can contain sharp and or contaminated objects.


The time intensive nature of this work + data input adds up quickly.


Come on, it's trash

Instead, they should be


You can speed up the process and eliminate manually sorting through trash and manual input


Visions photo tool makes the process safer than traditional auditing. 


Cost effective
Less time spent manually sorting through trash and inputting data means more money in your pocket and time saved.

Your vision is great for 

Ongoing projects and reporting: Consultants, universities, commercial buildings, and more.

Track all of your clients 'waste' in one convenient place, over any time period and at any interval you choose.

One time projects such as: Certification applications, grant opportunities, and more.

Let's give it go with a free trial!

Stop digging through trash and get started

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