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Do good, 
feel great.

Rego works with apartment buildings to give you easy, year-round solutions to keep your furniture, clothing, and more out of landfills. 

No hassle, heavy lifting, or app needed. Just great upfront pricing, easy booking, and a lot of supporting your local community.

Login to your building to schedule your pick-up

How it works 

Schedule your pick-up in seconds

Rego provides residents in apartment buildings with hassle-free, affordable, & sustainable removal solutions for furniture, clothing, and more! (no app needed!)


Snap a few photos of what you need picked-up and receive upfront pricing.


Select a date and time for pick-up that fits your schedule.


Sit back and relax, Rego provides white-glove, in-unit pick-up. We look to match your items to charities instead of landfills.

Hassle free,
sustainable pick-up!

We get it, you're moving on a time crunch and need stuff out asap (more like yesterday). Or maybe you bought a new couch and need the old one out.

No more calling around to different junk vendors, dealing with marketplaces, trying to connect with non-profits on a time crunch, or sneaking couches to the dumpster when no one is looking.

All you need to do is snap a photo, then sit back and relax. Rego will take care of all the hard work with white-glove removal.

Support local 

It's as easy as it sounds!

Rego picks up (almost) anything, then sorts through and re-directs items to local non-profit organizations in need. 

Rego coordinates the pick-up, drop-off, and communication. In many cases, we may be able to help with a donation receipt!

Removal for built for apartment living

Book in seconds

No app needed. Just snap a photo and select a date, we'll handle the rest

White glove removal

We pick-up from your unit so you don't need to lift a finger

Community Support

Our technology seamlessly connects your items to local non-profits, recycling centers, and more

What Our Clients Say

"I contacted Rego last minute and was supoprted for my urgent needs. They seriously moved mountains to meet my sudden deadline."

Michelle W.

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"From the first call, I received friendly customer service. When the crew picked up my furniture, they were on time! They did it quickly and were very polite. I would definitely use them again!"

Mel B.

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"Very responsive and helpful throughout the process of arranging the furniture pick-up. My furniture was taken promptly at the time we scheduled and the crew was fantastic. Highly recommend!"

Hanna M.

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Media coverage of Rego!


The bigger picture

Our mission is to build cleaner communities so that people can have confidence in where they live, anywhere in the world. 

We're taking the first step by reducing the amount of furniture and other physical goods that get sent to landfills, or your sidewalks. 

Our mission

The EPA estimates over 12M tons of furniture are sent to landfills annually. Furniture is one of the least recycled household items and can be extremely toxic when broken apart in a landfill. 

Why now?

Maybe you have some stuff to 'let go of'?


Well, since launching Rego in Philadelphia at the end of 2020, people like you have helped us redirect over 120,000 pounds of furniture to local non-profit organizations, instead of landfills.  

Why you're here

"Sustainability" can be daunting and quite frankly, a bit too buzzwordy. How do you really know if you're helping, or if it's all for nothing. 

At Rego, we believe the best way to a sustainable world is to make sustainability fun and easy to 'do', and even easier to understand. 

With each pick-up, we help you understand how your actions impact your local community!

Understand your impact

Book a pick-up
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Our impact is growing, fast.

Good for people, planet, and business

Thanks to the help of incredible non-profit partners, apartment buildings, and people like you, we've successfully redirected over 150,000 pounds of furniture to local non-profits in Philadelphia and Atlanta, instead of landfills.

Stay tuned to see which city we're headed to next!

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