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Divert waste, and report it easily.

Automate your waste diversion operations and data across your portfolio of buildings

or construction projects - earning you rewards along the way.

No hassle, code, or heavy lifting required.

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Put Rego to work.
Invest your time where
it's needed most.

From API integrations, powerful analytics, to managing your waste diversion services - Rego has it all to help you look good.

Oh, and again, no hassle or code required.

Modern Housing Complex


Office Building

Sustainability and ESG Teams

College Students

Colleges & Universities


Construction teams

Diverting waste is hard. So is reporting it.

Rego makes it simple, and easy.

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With one-click, connect your portfolio of buildings or projects, upload sustainability data, and schedule waste diversion services. like sustainable junk removal.


Our all-in-one solution is simple to use so you can focus on more important work. Plus, Rego's automated reporting will help you look good at every step!


Build show-off worthy reports!

Rego automatically sends you waste diversion reports that you can easily share and show off to tenants, ESG teams, stakeholders, and more!

Visually appealing and easy to understand

Easily share and download reports

Marketing for customers 

and social media

What Our Clients Say

"I contacted Rego last minute and was supoprted for my urgent needs. They seriously moved mountains to meet my sudden deadline."

Michelle W.

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"From the first call, I received friendly customer service. When the crew picked up my furniture, they were on time! They did it quickly and were very polite. I would definitely use them again!"

Mel B.

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"Very responsive and helpful throughout the process of arranging the furniture pick-up. My furniture was taken promptly at the time we scheduled and the crew was fantastic. Highly recommend!"

Hanna M.

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You made it this far, what are you waiting for?!

If you're still opposed to empowering your teams, improving sustainability, or saving money, definitely don't schedule a call with us

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