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Divert your waste, report it easily

In a world where you can build AI to send rocket ships to space, perform surgery with robots, and cure diseases, you can also (finally) use AI to divert things from landfills. 

Your waste data insights with No hassle, no code, and no heavy lifting required.

Your diverting more waste from landfills than 97% of your competitors!

Introducing your Rego

If you need your emissions calculated automatically, track multiple waste streams across multiple properties, apply for certifications, or simply want to keep things out of landfills, then Rego is for you!

Oh, and again, no hassle and no code required.


Explore your features:


AI powered waste audits: Photos that dig through trash so you don't have to

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Waste data insights: Easily track waste data across 10+ locations and waste streams

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Apply for certifications: Like common app, but for certifications

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Bulk item, donation pick-up, & Junk removal: On-demand and recurring service

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Your diverting more waste from landfills than 97% of your competitors!

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Your Rego is perfect for

Modern Housing Complex

High turnover apartment buildings

College Students

Colleges & Universities

Office Building

Sustainability and ESG teams

Architectural Building

Events and convention centers

Your sustainability shouldn't be hard.
Neither should reporting about it.

We believe in challenging the status waste quo to make sustainability easy, practical and profitable. In fact, our cities are counting on it:

Build your dream waste outcomes!

The world of waste, scope 3 emissions, and the circular economy is evolving. Your customers are challenging the old waste model and are demanding a better way. 

Make data-driven decisions about your waste and emissions services

Stay ahead of the ever-changing sustainability landscape

Empower your customers with confidence in your brand

Let's give it go with a free trial!

Join the over 10,000 + apartment units, college campuses, and non-profit organizations already loving Rego!

They've helped us keep over 150,000 pounds of furniture and clothing out of landfills!

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