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Colleges, universities, and student housing

Easily tell your sustainability story to your students with fun reports, data, and waste diversion events!

No code, hassle, or heavy lifting required - instead, earn rewards and give access to party mode!

Track waste diversion across your portfolio of 
buildings and facilities

Simple tracking

From waste ticket invoicing to furniture hauling on move-out day,

Rego tracks it all

Simple reporting

Data is synced into one simple dashboard that anyone on

campus can use

(no sustainability experience required)

Personalized messaging

Reporting that's fun and engaging for students to get excited about your school's sustainability work!

You can use Rego to connect waste data across your entire campus!

Commercial Buildings

Add unlimited locations and waste types

Working Alone in the Office

Code free & enterprise API options

Green Energy Turbines

Select services confidently and profitably

How do you know when sustainability will be a profitable decision for your campus? Sustainability and ESG is still a bit of the Wild West, but Rego is the new sheriff in town that helps you establish control. Rego simplifies your data so you can make profitable decisions.

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Digital Work Life

Build beautiful reports

Use Rego's reporting to show-off to tenants, stakeholders, and regulators.

Easily share and download reports

Marketing for prospective students and social media

Visually appealing and easy to understand

Interactive views for team members

Why Rego

Put Rego to work. Invest your time where it's needed

Easy setup

Set it up once, and you're good to go. No hassle or code required.

Rego's sustainability team can even manage onboarding and set-up for you. We're tech experts at heart that can handle large scale integrations. 

Smart budgeting

Use data to make confident decisions

Know the difference between a nice to have, and need to have sustainable amenity or waste service on campus

Identify money saving opportunities

Landfill diversion

Accelerate your sustainability goals to the next level with landfill diversion education and events for your campus!



Rego has already redirected over 150,000 pounds of furniture to local non-profit organizations instead of landfills. We take care of the heavy lifting, communication, and of course - tracking the data.



Want to boost tenant, staff, or public excitement? Waste diversion events, donation drives, and communications may be exactly what you need!



We bring a vast network of non-profit organizations and textile recyclers then manage all the moving pieces for you.


24/7 support

Although we're techies at heart, we believe that you deserve to talk to real Rego team members when you need help. No annoying chatbots or long wait times. Our reviews speak for themselves: 

Media coverage of Rego!


You made it this far, what are you waiting for?!

If you're still opposed to empowering your campus, improving sustainability, or saving money, definitely don't schedule a call with us

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